Cameron Hall

Cameron Hall

BS (Hons), Quantity Surveying

Director, Americas

Cameron Hall is a dedicated project management leader within our team. His background in quantity surveying, coupled with his extensive project management skills and global experience, provide our clients with a level of technical delivery that is difficult to match. He is skilled in using advancing technologies and data analytics, including holding an RICS certification in BIM management, ensuring his projects are at the frontline of industry developments. 

One of the essential talents that Cameron brings to his clients and our team is his strong communication skills and his dedication to it throughout the project. Aiding this skill is his extensive experience working with using agencies on behalf of the owner to maximize value within the project. This further translates into his ability to facilitate the coordination and cooperation between the design team, general contractor and end-users, including their separate vendors and contractors.

Cameron’s varied background and diverse skillset means he is adept at rising to challenges within a project while prioritizing workloads to deliver excellent results to his clients.


United States


BIM & Information Management



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