Taxations, Grants & Insurance

With our advice, clients make significant savings on their property investments. We can show you where to minimise tax, improve cash flow, reduce insurance and identify the grants that make your project a reality.

We create financial solutions that guarantee you the best return and protection for your assets. Out of £26 bn in property expenditure, our team has helped clients benefit from capital allowances worth £7 bn.

Identify tax relief in real time

Being alert to opportunities is vital to making the most of tax allowances. We develop real-time tools specific to your business that identify tax relief due on property expenditure, depreciation and assets.

Benefit from expert insurance advice

We know how to get the best value from insuring your property. The insurance industry has looked to us for advice for over 20 years. We’re preferred suppliers to AXA Insurance and Zurich.

Our valuation services include: property damage assessment, scope of work recommendations, review and re-inspection of claims, risk management, closing assistance, mediation and arbitration.

Realise projects with grant funding

The increasing emphasis on developing brownfield sites carries inherent cost risks. We help you identify grants that make the project feasible. We can help you with:

  • Grants search and project eligibility checks
  • Development appraisals
  • Application advice and preparation
  • Negotiation through to award
  • Post-award administration and monitoring

Plan ahead for tax efficiency

The key to capturing tax relief is planning early. Taxation allowances are inherent in most commercial property expenditure. We can build tax efficiency into design considerations from the very start.

We also advise on claims for development that offer substantial tax savings to property investors, developer investors, developers and other non-claimants.