Gleeds 25 years in the Czech Republic

This year it is exactly 25 year when Gleeds started its business in the Czech Republic. The milestone was be marked by a coctail party at Prague Castle, the the unique premises of Lobkowicz Palace, where clients and colleagues were invited to celebrate Gleeds’ growing business across the country and region.

As Vladimír Bílý, the regional director of CEE  region says: „Společná cesta má vždy řadu úskalí, ale oboustranná schopnost naslouchat a dobrá nálada přináší své výsledky. Jsem rád, že s našimi klienty můžeme dále růst a že jim poskytujeme to, co skutečně potřebují.“

Czech office is a part of a world-class independent property and construction consultancy based in London, with 130 years’ experience and 68 offices in 20 countries worldwide. Nowadays it has become known as one of the leading construction consultancies in the Czech Republic. On the list of clients can be found for example Amazon, Microsoft, Barclays, Novartis, developers, investors, funds, municipal bodies, hotels, universities, sport, energy, science & research setors, rail, airports etc. 

Find out more about the event in the video section.



Vladimír Bílý
Vladimír Bílý

Vladimír Bílý
Regional Director, CEE