Job mobility at Gleeds allows for the movement of employees across positions and locations - sometimes it involves a complete change in occupation. Global opportunities give the chance to learn more about other countries either on a short-term visit, medium-term assignment or permanent move basis. It can help with job advancement, career development and personal satisfaction. It ensures that employees, over a period of time, can move to a position that is suitable to their skills, goals and aspirations. 

As a truly global and forward-thinking business, we support the mobility of our people. 

Working across the pond and beyond

In nine years with Gleeds, Cameron Hall has worked on three continents and wholly recommends the benefits this brings to employees, and to the business.

Senior project consultant Cameron began work with Gleeds in 2011 at the Newcastle office as a trainee surveyor, while in his final year at Northumbria University studying for a QS degree.

He stayed on working in the Newcastle office after graduating, then saw a post for a pipeline project in Australia. “I wanted to travel and to gain international experience so applied,” said Cameron, “but the project kept being delayed, so when I was asked if I was interested in going out to Singapore to develop new business growth for Gleeds, I immediately said yes.”

“I want to stay with Gleeds and they have been very supportive of every relocation I’ve made. There’s lots of help from the local team to get you settled, for example, helping you with accommodation while you get on your feet, and people willing to talk to you about their own international experiences. If you want to relocate, I’ve found there’s a real ‘we’ll do what we can to make it happen’ attitude and culture.

Managing projects and career

Nirali Patel is advancing her career, enjoying her job as a graduate project manager since making the switch from an admin role just over a year ago.

Nirali Patel.png

“Everyone at Gleeds has been brilliant and very supportive to help me make this transition from administration to a project manager role. I enjoy the practical side of my work and I’m finding that my qualifications and past experience in HR management and law really helps me in my job. Each day is different, every day is interesting, and I enjoy problem solving and working with people,” said Nirali.

Transferable skills open doors

Ann joined Gleeds 40 years ago, working as a trainee quantity surveyor at the Derby office. When an opportunity to learn more about project management came up, Ann took it. ‘I like knowing everything about a project and had also worked alongside many different PMs and thought ‘I’d like to do that’.” 

Ann began her project management role working on various projects within the football stadia and the brewery sector. “I really enjoyed the work as I had the knowledge of the wider building process and had my cost management experience to call on.

“In cost management, I’d also been used to working with various people – clients and colleagues – and had developed valuable communication skills which are important as a PM when you’re dealing with so many different people and have to lead, pulling together as a team.”

Seven years ago, a role came up in cost management and coincided with Ann looking for a new challenge. “I am now a director in cost management and utilise most of my project management skills every day,” said Ann.

Career spanning two disciplines

Neil Clouden’s career within Gleeds has turned full circle.Neil Clouden.png

He started work with the business nearly 15 years ago within project management and now – after seven years in building surveying – he’s back enjoying the development opportunities that working on large and complex projects bring.

“When I moved from building surveying back into project management, this gave me the chance to focus on resolving wider issues with more stakeholders, as well as visualising different outcomes while still retaining the detail and specific focus needed as a building surveyor,” said Neil.

Neil added: “I’ve always felt that if I am challenged and given opportunities, then I am developing as a person and a construction professional.

“Working in seconded roles can leave you feeling a bit isolated at times, but it’s also a chance to have a great experience with how other organisations work.

Closer to home works for Clare

With her family growing up fast, project director Clare Cormack was looking for a better way to manage work and home life. Relocating from our London office to Oxford has proved to be her solution.

Clare Cormack.png

“I’d had 12 years of commuting, so moving to the Oxford office and nearer to my home has halved my travelling time. It makes the working day far less stressful,” said Clare who has been an associate director for more than 12 years.

Her relocation to the Oxford office last Autumn came after conversations with HR. “Gleeds were very supportive, picked up on my concerns and found a solution. It’s a solution that I believe works for the company, and for me, and means I have stayed within the business.

Madrid role the right move for Jade

A chance conversation opened up new opportunities for PA Jade Cumming, not only for a new job but a new start in a country she loves.

Jade began working for Gleeds in the London office last April. “I joined as a PA, but my manager left the business a few months later.’

It was in a general catch up with HR that Jade mentioned that she had lived in Spain for eight years as a child when her family moved there, and would love to go back one day – even joking that she could transfer to a Spanish office!

A few months later and she’s on a plane, meeting Gleeds’ David Johnson, managing director EMEA, who is based in Madrid and in need of a PA. 

“I appreciate that Gleeds was willing to keep me in the family and invest in me like this. I’ve worked in admin roles in other businesses and thought that the ability to move around different locations was for other levels of jobs, but that’s not the case at Gleeds.

Flexibility matters, in everything that we do at Gleeds. If you’re looking for versatility, take a look at our current opportunities and get in touch for a chat. 


Jade Cumming.png

Job mobility isn’t just talk, it really happens and it’s great that Gleeds does give people these great opportunities Jade Cumming

Cameron Hall.png

You just have to look at the Gleeds board. Many of them have international experience so it’s clearly a great career path. Working abroad gives you new perspectives, opportunities and experiences and it’s a bonus to be able to do that within a company that’s supportive. Cameron Hall

Ann Bytheway-Thomas.png

Personally, it’s been invaluable to my career development – helping me to get to where I am today. Ann Bytheway-Thomas