The hospital will be built on and around the site of the existing Jersey General Hospital, located in the capital Saint Helier.

The project, which Gleeds has been working on since 2014, has its origins in a States Assembly report published in 2012 which outlined the government’s ambitions to modernise health and social care services on the island. The hospital will provide Jersey with state-of-the art facilities and capacity to deal with both growth in population size and increases in the number of older residents in the decades ahead. Upon completion it will provide an additional 50 inpatient beds and single rooms for 100% of all adult inpatients. The new build replacement will provide 24% more space than the current site.

Discussing the benefits the hospital will bring, health minister Senator Andrew Green said “Our hospital is a special place for Islanders where life events happen, lives begin, lives are saved, life is made better or sadly, for some, life ends…Our new hospital will provide current and future generations of Islanders with a facility that enables us to provide the highest quality of health care for many years to come.”

Gleeds will be providing cost and project management services and has developed the outline business case with assistance from the Health and Social Services Department of Jersey and financial advisors, EY.

Commenting on Tuesday’s developments Chris Paxford, director at Gleeds, said “The hospital is likely to play a role in the life of nearly every Jersey resident in some way. We are honoured to have been entrusted with such a pivotal role in the application process and eagerly anticipate construction commencing next year.”

Pending approval by the States Assembly in December, enabling works are due to begin in 2018, with the planned opening of the hospital in 2024.