We joined forces with Environmental Design Solutions (EDS) to write this thought provoking paper with a common goal of revamping the idea of sustainability as a construction practice and emphasis on its requirement in creating a built environment that will no longer contribute to the adverse effects of the environment.

In the last quarter of 2020, a survey was conducted by Gleeds India and EDS to assess the market outlook of sustainable construction to collect opinions from the construction fraternity about various aspects such as market status, experience in sustainable construction related projects, various rating systems, capex cost of constructing a green building, return on investment and sustainable related standards.

A total of 231 respondents participated in the survey representing all cross sections of the industry pan India. Our analysis has proven that a small but tangible initial Capex investment would help in optimizing the life cycle costs for the assets and investors/owners would reap the benefits long term while still being responsible for the environmental change.

We hope you find this insightful and will join hands in preserving our natural environment.



Vishal Shah
Vishal Shah

Vishal Shah
Executive Director

Sushma Wilson