The industry pursued the path of reformation quickly adopting to new ways of working, adopting modern method of construction and digitisation by the use of BIM and construction technology. 

In our Bi-annual publication reporting the same we have revisited the cost trends, examined the Indian economy, reviewed the status of the construction industry and provided insights on the construction sectors, allowing our readers a summary of the past year. 

The various sectors have reacted differently, and the market analysis has changed very unusually from previous trends. Some are emerging much stronger than others following in view of the changed circumstances of the pandemic. The past year has been dynamic which is likely to now smoothen with the vaccine rollout. The effect of this pandemic however will linger on this year while the world resets itself.  

We hope our ‘Indian Construction Costs- A Bi-annual Review’ will be insightful and is a value add to the outlook of the industry in the present. 

Construction Costs in India_Biannual Report January 2021.pdf



Vishal Shah
Vishal Shah

Vishal Shah
Executive Director

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