With geopolitical turbulence at the forefront of all stakeholder concerns, there is an obvious need to monitor and review price indexes continually. That’s where A Quarter in Review comes in, we analyze construction industry statistics across the EMEA. We believe that examining the supply chain is critical as is reviewing cash flow forecasting. 

The Italian Confidence Climate in the construction sector hasn’t been so high since the 1980s, according to the Italian National Statistics Institute ISTAT. Not a surprise as 4Q 2021 closed in Italy with optimistic figures reflecting a full GDP recovery from the impacts of the previous years in the Consumer Price Index.

See our full report on Italy, where we recently opened an office in Milano, download our Market Report on the right-hand side. Or find our other EMEA Gleeds reports in this Quarter in Review series.




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Edna Benavides

Edna Benavides
Associate Director, Intelligence Manager, Europe