Bellevue Residence

We helped our client see impressive savings from their hillside development.

Gleeds helped Gabi’s Development save around €200,000 through careful supervision of works payment during the construction of Bellevue Residence.

A challenging location meant our client welcomed the innovative solutions proposed by our team.

Panoramic views

Bellevue Residence takes its name from the panoramic views that its nine buildings offer of Brasov from Warthe Hill. But the very location that makes these 96 high-class apartments such an attractive place to live, also meant greater challenges during construction. 

Building bridges

The topography featured sharp irregularities that required a complex vertical systematisation with placement of buildings at different levels. This meant innovative solutions were needed to make the developer’s vision a reality, including creating bridges for the access roads.

Rising to the challenge

When the time came, Gleeds helped optimise construction solutions for the infrastructure, ensuring residents enjoyed easy access to their homes, and our client received best value.

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Adi Budărescu

Adi Budărescu
Director, Romania