Forum Gdańsk

Forum Gdansk, a large inner-city, mixed use project will conclude the revitalisation of the historical area of Hay and Crayfish Markets in between the Gdańsk central railway station and the inner-city.

The Concept restores the historic lines of urban development and integrates the existing Nunnery, Library, and Post Office buildings of historic significance in a contemporary urban environment composed of a designed network of streets and squares. The completion of this project is planned for 2017. Gleeds provides a consultancy services fulfilling a role of Lenders Representative.

Retail, commercial and entertainment complex

As such, Forum Gdansk will blend with the city forming a natural extension of the city centre. The intention of Multi is to strengthen the status of the Old City of Gdańsk as the heart of the city by creating a new meeting place combining retail, entertainment, culture, services, and office functions. Forum Gdansk will be a top quality commercial project with high quality tenant mix, an ideal location for flagship stores and newcomers to the market.

Convenient location in the center of Gdańsk

It will be a popular place to have a rest, meet friends, eat, and drink at cosy restaurants located around the main square, reverberating with the atmosphere of the Old City. Accomplishment of public objectives forms a crucial part of the project. The aspect includes the construction of the Gdańsk Historic Heritage Museum and modernisation of the road and public transport infrastructure around Forum Gdansk, the latter intended to improve access to the city centre and Forum Gdansk. A new train station Gdańsk Śródmieście at the southern tip of Forum Gdansk will become a hub of the suburban train, tram and city bus transport.





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Krzysztof Pilimon
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