Marks & Spencer India

Gleeds helps M&S “surprise and delight” across India.

Marks and Spencer is synonymous with high quality, reliability and value. So extending their range of stores across 29 different locations in India with fast roll-out times, streamlined budgets and different project teams was no mean feat.  

Our recipe for success

Fortunately for Gleeds, our knowledge and brand awareness of M&S spans over 90 years of working with the world famous retailer.

We know that it takes many different M&S teams to roll out a new branch – projects, operations, business development, visual merchandising, legal and finance, to name a few.

Communication was important at every step of the way, so we started by holding a series of workshops to optimise collaboration.

Streamlined by design

To ensure quality and reduce time spent on tenders, we created a stringent contractor pre-qualification process, visiting their existing sites prior to shortlisting.

Gleeds was also involved in:

  • reviewing the existing design process – fine tuning it for speed and ensuring compliance with M&S’ global guidelines
  • held value workshops with the internal team to reduce overall project costs
  • identified savings by reviewing the procurement strategy; adopting a variety of methods, from direct sourcing to bulk buying

Construction delivered

We introduced all contractors across the 29 sites to the Gleeds/M&S ways of working. This meant the whole team working to the same high standards of design, quality and health and safety.

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Ben Huskisson

Ben Huskisson
Chief Digital Officer