Ramada Donetsk

Taking the stress out of a hotel and spa extension.

Looking after guests is what the Ramada Donetsk hotel does best. But when it came to ensuring the quality of its extension and renovation, it was Gleeds’ expertise that was needed.

Construction: an unwelcome guest?

The Ramada Donetsk enjoys a central location on the bank of the river Kalmius, offering wonderful views and close to many attractions. But the very features that make the hotel popular also posed a number of challenges for the renovation works:

  • Its popularity meant closure wasn’t an option
  • The proximity of neighbouring buildings meant restricted space for site materials
  • The building’s façade faced the city’s main street

Working it out

The city’s authorities considered moving people in neighbouring buildings to temporary locations. Although in the end, we found a way of completing the works without having to do this – a major achievement in itself.

We also confirmed the quality of fit-out works on the award-winning spa, swimming pool and restaurant.





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