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Our experience

Defense organizations depend on being ready for anything. Having advised on over $3 billion of defense projects, our team has the knowledge required to respond instantly to our clients’ needs.

We’re used to working within tight deadlines. Our defense team is organized to respond quickly, efficiently and in accordance with the specific procedural and security requirements of this sector.

Valuable insider knowledge

We’re well informed. Many of our specialists have a background in defense and understand the challenges clients face. We’ve also created a Defense Sector Knowledge Forum for the industry. This unique portal gives us valuable insight into developments and strategic policies.

Above all, our consultants know how to achieve the best value. Clients benefit from a clear decision-making framework that gives them the confidence to show they are investing capital in the most effective way.

Systems that save time and resource

To save our clients tedious reprocessing and increase the certainty of the project outcome, we use specialist software and procedures that comply fully with defense sector protocols.

An emphasis on security

Members of our team hold defense sector security clearance appropriate for the projects they are working on. The Information Security Management System we use meets defense sector security classification.

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Suzan Talley

Suzan Talley
Director, Americas

Understanding the requirements of all stakeholders is essential for the delivery of genuine value for money in the defense sector. Ken Munro, Head of Defence