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Our experience 

While sports and recreational facilities must appeal to users, they also need to be cost-effective to develop and maintain. These developments are often a key part of a community - iconic buildings that create a sense of destination. Yet the features that make them attractive can also make them expensive to build and manage.

The value of experience

We’ve worked with clients on successful development and renovation projects of all sizes, values and complexities. Building costs can vary tremendously in this sector. Our experience means we have a detailed benchmark of cost data that we can use to help you deliver projects cost-effectively and manage them economically throughout their life.

We also offer our building information modeling capabilities (BIM) to help you implement projects more easily. Our facilities management consultants help you audit and benchmark lifecycle costs. This forms the foundation for managing your asset most efficiently.

The skill to deliver

Our capabilities include project and cost management, and advice on public/private partnerships (PPP).

 We have delivered many projects, including:

  • Entertainment facilities
  • Education facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Stadia and arenas
  • Swimming pools 
  • Libraries
  • Movie theaters
  • Restaurants 
  • Visitor attractions
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Colin Ross

Colin Ross
General Director

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Paul Baston Risk

Paul Baston
Global Head of Risk

We understand what it takes to deliver iconic venues that can be built cost-effectively and managed economically in the long-term. Paul Baston, Head of Leisure & Sport