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Our experience

We all rely on efficient transportation infrastructure.  Our clients in this sector look to us for cost-effective delivery, rigorous risk management, and strong financial accountability to make that happen.

We recognize that end users are ultimately the most important driver of transportation and infrastructure. They want safety, reliability, good value and a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

Solutions not problems

No one likes problems - especially customers. Although major projects can bring long-term benefits, they often cause significant short-term disruption and inconvenience to users.

With airlines moving to larger and more efficient aircraft and the desire to improve passenger flow, especially through ticketing and security checkpoints, airports and air carriers will need to renovate, modify and make additions to existing terminals or construct entirely new terminals.  This construction occurs in operating terminals requiring a well thought-out, implemented and managed construction sequencing/phasing plan. 

We work to help you fulfill the promises you have made, to make everything run as smoothly as possible, ensuring you complete projects on time and within budget. 

As infrastructure experts, we have a complete understanding of the latest materials, prices, market trends and project delivery strategies to help drive value across your capital programs.

Best practice advice

Our clients come to us for our experience in managing many different kinds of aviation and transportation projects. We work with public and private sector clients in the rail, aviation and road industries across the world. As an independent consultancy, you benefit from an impartial service, offering balanced and objective advice.

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Paul Reimer

Paul Reimer
President & COO, Americas

We give our clients dependable commercial and project management that exceeds the aspirations of stakeholders and end-users. Graham Harle, Chief Executive Officer