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Our service offering in Hong Kong

Our specialist expertise assists our clients to create developments to the required quality, on time, within budget and to a formally recognised ­­­­standard.

We represent the client/investor by undertaking compliance monitoring of the implementation of the works, in accordance with the permitted design.

Our quality inspection service is usually offered as part of our wider cost and project management function in Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Romania. This include roles such as Inspektor Nadzoru in Poland, Tech Nadzor in Ukraine and Technical Architect (Dirección de Ejecución de Obras) in Spain.

Systematic quality management

With 130 years' experience in the property and construction industry, and offices throughout the world, our global expertise is matched by unrivalled local knowledge. We follow tried and tested procedures at all stages of construction:


We develop a detailed understanding of the brief, and identify relevant statutory requirements. We participate in the handover of the site to the contractor and review relevant documentation.

In the design and tender stages, we:

  • ensure that the quality standards are defined, agreed and communicated within the project team
  • allocate responsibility for each element of the project to the team
  • establish that a system of controls is in place with all designers, contractors and suppliers
  • review the contractor’s experience

During construction

Gleeds’ on-site procedures are achieved using suitably qualified and licensed inspectors to monitor materials and workmanship. They oversee that the works are implemented in accordance with the approved design, adopting a robust procedure for sign off. Our two-tier management approach often involves project managers monitoring inspectors.


We review the development, make sure that any defects are addressed, and confirm that all documentation is provided.

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