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Our Procurement Advice services

In a dynamic market, external factors and uncertainties present a critical need to mitigate and transfer risks, and to avoid rising costs.

We help our clients maximize value for money and minimize risk with construction project delivery strategies that balance the requirements of cost, quality and time. This means they can concentrate on their core business objectives with the knowledge that their project will be a success.

Managing risk to achieve best value

Our market intelligence enables clients to make informed decisions on current political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors with an appreciation of how the market may change in the short to medium term. This market insight means we understand the commercial value of any risk and can advise clients on what represents best value for money.

Practical solutions

Our independence allows us to provide impartial advice and practical solutions. With experience in successfully delivering complex project delivery routes, we take ownership to set, implement and deliver strategy, understanding and alleviating any pressures and financial penalties that our clients may face.

Tailored expertise

Choosing the right project delivery method is vital to the success of the project. We work closely with our clients to develop strategies tailored to specific projects.

We help clients achieve savings in challenging environments, for example, where lack of capacity in the supply chain is matched by rising labor and material costs.

We consider all aspects of construction and examine any potential for savings, which might include innovation, collaborative solutions, incentivization, prefabrication and modularization opportunities.