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Our Project Control services 

We provide project controls services to help our clients’ complete complex projects and programs on time and within budget.

Our process-driven stage-gate system provides detailed and accurate information on cost, performance and risk throughout every phase of a development. We simplify management, control and reporting by integrating scope, budget, schedule, risks, resources and benefits. In this way, both the critical details and big picture are managed.

Improved efficiency

We help clients to improve efficiency and maximize return on investment by providing a strategic overview of their project/program. Benefits include:

  • reduced set-up costs, improved efficiency and a consistent approach through innovative processes and methodology
  • enhanced predictability of cost and schedule turn-out
  • tailored and flexible to suit individual requirements

We use the latest tools and techniques to provide the essential information to determine the data-driven decisions that drive effective project management across the lifecycle of a development.

Specialist expertise

We understand clients’ frameworks and structures, and portfolio needs, as well as their baseline scope, requirements and objectives. We are familiar with their planning protocols, project schedule requirements and estimating processes. And we’re experts in risk management and change protocols, as well as earned value management and reporting protocols.

We help clients by providing a framework for portfolio management through developing new or existing Work Breakdown Structures (WBS). We use a range of specialist tools and custom software.

We also use Gleeds Space, a web-based collaborative software, to provide transparency and a clear audit trail.

We support clients in the development of a range of key processes, including:

  • Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) to provide a framework for portfolio management
  • bounding clients’ baselines through scope and supporting documents
  • provision of schedules at appropriate levels of detail
  • estimates throughout the project lifecycle, fully aligned with project schedules
  • risk registers to provide quantitative and qualitative risk assessment and modeling
  • trend and change control registers to provide change evaluation, monitoring and implementation support
  • progress reports and dashboards, Schedule Performance Indicators (SPIs) and Cost Performance Indicators (CPIs)