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Our service offering in Egypt

Business cases define the optimum investment from the available options, assess viability, and demonstrate benefits to stakeholders in a transparent fashion. We have a specialist group of consultants, based in the United Kingdom, who have the experience and expertise spanning the full range of public and private sectors to prepare business cases and investment plans that satisfy the most demanding stakeholders and approval processes.

Clarity of objectives and outcomes

At the core of every business case are two questions:

  • What are the outcomes you want to secure from your investment?
  • What are the returns (benefits) that will be achieved from this investment?

Our consultancy team work with stakeholders and other advisors utilising a range of consultative techniques to ensure these questions are thoroughly investigated and answered.

The technical and financial expertise you need

We utilise our in-house skills to build models tailored to your specific requirements. We draw upon our extensive expertise across all aspects of the property and construction industry to inform the model, with inputs provided by other advisors as well as our internal benchmark data.

Appraising your options

There may be a myriad of ways in which outcomes can be secured. We work in partnership with our clients as independent advisers to offer objective advice on organisational strategy, life cycle and whole life value as part of an options appraisal process.  By using established qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques, we ensure the business case process delivers the right investment option for your organisation.

Deliverability is paramount

It is not enough that a business case demonstrates strategic fit, financial viability and economic robustness. Critical to any business case is its deliverability; it is only then that benefits will be secured. Our team is acutely aware of this, and focus on the practicality of implementation throughout the project design process.

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