Corporate Responsibility

Gleeds is a world class property and construction consultancy with over 135 years’ experience. With such heritage comes great responsibility, and it is only through acting responsibly that we earn the trust of our clients and our people.

Our approach to corporate responsibility is based on four strands – our workplace, our environment, our communities and our marketplace.


Our people are our most valuable assets and we are committed to their wellbeing. Gleeds believes in the importance of a healthy work/life balance and encourage all our people to make time for the other important things in life. Training and development has always been a top priority and we continually invest in our people to give them the skills they need to be at the top of their game.


Gleeds recognises that all activities can impact on the environment both locally and globally and acknowledges the need for responsible action in this area. We are committed to minimising any adverse impact on the environment and seek to continuously improve our environmental performance. We aim to ensure all our people are equipped with the knowledge, skills and awareness in this area.


Working with the communities within which we operate is extremely important to Gleeds. It enables us to share the talent of our people with others, give and gain from work experience and help people develop to their full potential.


We believe that to be a responsible and sustainable business, collaboration is key. So whether it’s building a sustainable supply chain, providing pro bono services or helping a client achieve their charitable goals, our long term relationships and mutual respect help drive innovative solutions for the industry as a whole.

Case studies

Inspire US 2016 – an opportunity of a lifetime

As part of the Transformation Trust’s Inspire US 2016 campaign, Gleeds raised £13,326 to provide 20 sixth-form students from some of the UK’s most challenged schools with the opportunity of a lifetime: travelling to Florida to follow the 2016 presidential campaign. The trip, which was specifically designed for students who have a passion for politics, lasted 10 days and involved all elements of ‘grassroots’ political campaigning.

Based in Tampa, the Inspire US team engaged with both Republican and Democrat political campaign teams for the senate, congressional and presidential races. They learnt how technology plays a massive role in modern campaigning, about the importance of effective organisation and communication, as well as taking part in telephone campaigns. Many of the students agreed that the highlight of the trip was being given the opportunity to attend the Obama rally in Kissimmee, with Stevie Wonder as part of the President’s warm up act. Having stood in line for over four hours, the students were in prime position within the rally, and a couple of the students even had the chance to shake Obama’s hand.

The money was raised at Gleeds London Skyline: An Architect’s Perspective event in celebration of the company’s 130 year anniversary.

Some of the student’s feedback after the trip included:

“This programme has given me so much knowledge, experience, self-worth and experience. I genuinely had the most amazing time.”

“Inspire US has a place for everyone. It’s a safe place to find yourself and your values”.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan:

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Michelle Regent | Gleeds

Michelle Regent
Global Head of ESG

Your colleagues are a pretty amazing and lovely bunch of people. The rooms are completely transformed - I have been going in and out all day just to take it all in. We still can’t quite believe the amount you managed to achieve in just one day. Corinna Singham, Paradigm Housing


By working in partnership with Gleeds, we are able to support young people in the local communities and give them the opportunity to reach their academic potential. Without their support, these centres would not be possible. Kate Robertson, University of Nottingham