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Our experience

We make it our mission to work closely with leaders and building committees to understand and plan from the unique perspective of their members. Our team has vast experience developing the specialist skills needed in this environment.

Exercising good stewardship

We provide cost certainty and value for money. Our dedicated cost managers are used to working with religious leadership and we often help secure funding for projects. Our experience includes:

  • Sanctuaries and worship centers
  • Fellowship halls
  • Reception areas
  • Administrative space
  • Educational space
  • Childcare facilities
  • Coffee houses
  • Family learning centers
  • Community centers
  • Recreational space

Building for the future

As membership continues to grow, we’re seeing that the church leadership is looking for more ways to serve their members. For some, this means offering multiple worship services each week, along with providing daycare and career counseling options. For others, it’s growing an online ministry through their websites and social media, allowing people from all over the world to “tune in” to their sermons and other messages. For the clients we routinely work with, a way to serve their congregation is to physically offer more – that is, more space, more seats, more things to do, more ways to worship.

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Stuart Lumsden

Stuart Lumsden
President and COO

We combine sensitivity and passion with expertise to deliver the most appropriate solutions for often challenging projects. Martin Hall, Head of Heritage & Culture