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Our service offering in the US

We help our clients make more efficient use of their land and property portfolio, minimize risks, adapt and renovate to extend their use and ensure they comply with the latest legislation.

In an environment of tightening budgets, reducing timescales and complex requirements, our range of services secures both short and long-term benefits.

Independent expertise

We carry out surveys for clients on all types of land and properties, whatever their size, extent or location. Our proactive advice assures you of accurate and consistent data.

Our national network of offices provides coverage to suit large portfolios – which means local knowledge and a fast response. If you’re selling a commercial property we can help you quickly assess the size of your building so you don’t encounter any delay.

Our advice also allows our clients to make an informed investment decision, having considered the risks and cost implications associated with committing to a purchase or any term of a tenancy agreement.

And because we act independently, you can use this for third-party deals and negotiations. 

Intelligent Data Collection

Using laser scanning and mobile technology, we measure and convert the survey data into a format of your choice, so you have a full audit trail and can use the information immediately.

With up to date records we can help you generate and maintain a comprehensive asset management plan to ensure that your property portfolio operates at optimum efficiency.

Tailored services

We provide a wide range of services, tailored to your specific requirements. These include: 

Property management

  • Building and acquisition surveys
  • Landlord and tenant dilapidation services
  • Party wall services
  • Planned maintenance design services
  • Life cycle maintenance programming
  • Space planning and utilization

Construction services

  • One stop design services for renovations, extensions and alterations
  • Legislative compliance
  • Construction monitoring
  • Expert building defect analysis

Land and Property surveys

  • Topographical land surveys
  • Area measurement services
  • Measured building surveys

Project Planning

  • Building information modeling (BIM)
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Jeff Moecher

Jeff Moecher
Executive Project Consultant, Americas