Through the past 7 months, the construction industry has demonstrated its adaptable approach in the face of change. As global markets steer their way through choppy waters, there has been a conscious, collaborative drive to keep things moving.

Holding Steady examines the construction industry’s journey over the past quarter, looking at the potential impact of inflation. We address contractual, tendering and claims scenarios stakeholders may be faced with, looking ahead by sector to the changes in the industry’s working practices.

With a fluctuating market and a new set of conditions to adapt to, our teams located across the breadth of the UK remain your constant advisors to support your growth, and we hope Holding Steady will prove a useful guide to aid your decision making as you move ahead through the coming months.

As we move forwards, the buildings we construct now and in the future will embody the resilience demonstrated during the pandemic.
Nicola Sharkey

Nicola Sharkey
Project Director, UK Insights and Research Lead