Welcome to Cornerstone, the podcast building on new thinking in the built environment. You’ll hear from our property and construction experts around the world, as well as special guests from across the industry, as they anticipate market developments and unearth new trends. 

As construction site activity tentatively grows globally, governments will look to infrastructure to kick-start the economy. So how do you ensure rapid deployment in a sector notorious for over-spend and delayed schedules? Our experts talk through live projects responding to the impact of Covid-19. 


Hosted by Jon Enever - Chief Client Officer

With special guests: 

Dean Purvis - Head of Infrastructure

Victoria Head - Director of Healthcare

Paul Sweeney - Head of Gleeds London

Kara Thompson - Head of London Project Management.


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Jon Enever Chief Client Officer

Jon Enever
Chief Client Officer

One of the issues coming out of Covid-19 is going to be working in social distancing environment and that means a lot of collaboration. Paul Sweeney