Gleeds is committed to integrity and ethical business practices, earning our clients’ trust by delivering exceptional customer service. In 2019, Gleeds adopted the Wates Principles, a governance framework for large private companies. 

The framework provides a structure for reporting progress against six principles:

  1. Purpose & Leadership
  2. Board Composition
  3. Director Responsibilities
  4. Opportunity & Risk
  5. Remuneration
  6. Stakeholder Relationships & Engagement

The purpose of the Wates Principles is to provide a tool for large private companies to examine their corporate governance standards and see where they are doing well and where there is room for improvement, with the aim of improving engagement with stakeholders and building trust. As Sir James Wates CBE says in the Foreword to the Principles:

“Good business, well done, is a force for good in society.”

Gleeds’ Corporate Governance Report 2020 – 2021 sets out our progress against the Wates Principles. 

Michelle Regent | Gleeds

Michelle Regent
Global Head of ESG