Gleeds Q3 2017 Inflation Report: Tensions grow amid political uncertainty

Gleeds’ latest economic and regional inflation report assesses the uncertainty and implications surrounding the ongoing Brexit negotiations and current political instability.

With economic and business growth slower than previously expected due to Brexit, questions about the eventual relationship between the UK and the EU are weighing on the decisions of business' across the country.

With the need to access EU markets and skilled workers still paramount, the result of June’s General Election has raised questions over the direction in which the UK is now headed. The fact that the market is still awaiting clear direction from the Government is further impacting economic growth, the value of the pound, and a lack of confidence amongst investors.

Despite subdued growth, a number of key infrastructure projects have been announced, including investment in Gatwick Airport, five new train stations developed by The Department of Transport, and the electrification of the Great Western Main Line from Bristol to Cardiff. This quarter has also seen construction output increase in both new public and new private housing.