With Ireland's construction industry facing ongoing challenges, growing opportunities for the use of MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) may provide a solution. The backing of the government for MMC demonstrates the critical role it can play in Ireland’s economic growth while also bringing key benefits that can aid the viability of future construction projects.

What's inside the 4Q 2023 report?

  • Dissecting opportunities for MMC in Ireland: Find out the latest developments and initiatives across both public and private sectors that are creating opportunities for MMC in Ireland such as pre-manufacturing.

  • Identifying benefits and barriers: Understand the key benefits MMC can bring, ranging from reduced costs to improved safety, along with the threats to its growth and mitigation steps to overcome these.

  • A profit analysis of offsite manufacturing factory cost: Learn the impact of offsite manufacturing factory output on profit. High output rates are relative to lower costs and profitability – emphasising the industry’s need for a steady flow of work.

  • Lessons from abroad: Read how MMC has evolved into an integral part of the construction industry in other countries across a range of sectors. 

Get the edge in a competitive market. Understand the growing impact MMC is having on the construction industry in our Ireland Snapshot Report 4Q 2023 and look for opportunities to improve viability and unlock development.



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