Bonjorno Coffee

A state-of-the-art coffee manufacturing facility for one of Egypt's leading brands

Gleeds was appointed are responsible for the management of all phases of the project to provide an entirely new manufacturing facility for this locally based manufacturer of popular coffee products.

Gleeds’ Project Management team is supporting the client's ambitious plans to expand their range and increase production capacity through the development of an entirely new manufacturing facility in 6 October City, Cairo.

Gleeds have been involved at every stage beginning with capturing the Client’s aspirations and progressively compiling and refining cost plans, developing procurement strategies and bringing on-board a locally-based Design team with the necessary experience and capability.

During the design phase our client have reviewed their original requirements and significantly increased the scope of their plans which now involve investment in state-of-the-art equipment sourced in Western Europe. Gleeds has successfully managed and coordinated this process. The management of the design process is now well underway and

We have provided valuable guidance and insights for the client in the early stages of the project to take the basic ideas and develop them into a project brief and we also provided support that aided in managing both the client's expectations and requirements.

One of the biggest challenges facing the project team was working within the yearly calendar making sure the factory operation is not affected, especially during the high peak winter season.

we have successfully coordinated the design between the process manufacturer in Germany and the mixers manufacturer and the local design team for the factory.

Gleeds compiled a thorough report for expansion options, simplifying the wide range of over whelming options to a confined list of alternatives making it simple for the Client to make a well-studied decision. Options included for local and international options for the factory design, with pros and cons of each route.

We have also prioritised client requirements while working closely with the designer to yield a concept design capable of incorporating the focal elements of the factory, including space for future expansion.

Did you know?

Bonjorno Coffee has just been acquired by Nestle Egypt.