SCAPE Consultancy Services Framework

Managing the entire lifecycle of your built environment

Scape is a built environment specialist providing a full suite of national procurement frameworks and design solutions to the public sector.

Scape’s Consultancy Services framework - provides clients with all consultancy services connected to the built environment under a single, OJEU compliant framework. It provides quick access to the services you need at pre-tendered rates. The framework is led by Perfect Circle, a joint venture between Pick Everard, Gleeds and AECOM.

Introducing Perfect Circle

The Perfect Circle team has an extensive record of reliable and efficient delivery, using precedent experience to inform solutions and add value to projects and initiatives across the public sector.  

Our independence, significant capacity, footprint and the strength and depth of our established supply chain ensures that we are able to provide a nationally managed, locally delivered service.

Why use us?

The Scape Consultancy framework provides the following benefits:

  • Available to any public body in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and fully compliant with all public procurement regulations.

  • The fastest route to market available to the public sector, removing the need for clients to carry out their own procurement.

  • Certainty, speed and efficiency facilitated through the delivery of defined simple processes.

  • Designed to achieve measurable time, quality, cost and community benefits on every project and commission.

  • Value for money and 100% market-tested.

  • A collaborative, reduced-risk partnership approach, proven to secure optimum results.

  • Performance management and continuous improvement to ensure successful delivery and quality.

  • Client control and choice at all stages, with transparency and visibility through partnering NEC3 & 4 contracts.