The Oaks

A unique luxury residential development for Romania.

Located in 200 hectares of forest, The Oaks is an unique residential development in Bucharest. We supported our client, Masterange Romania, throughout the construction of eight luxury apartment blocks, from concept to the end of the defects liability period, including managing a claim worth millions of euros.

The Oaks comprises:

  • 3 swimming pools, including an Olympic-sized pool and one for children
  • 5 tennis courts and 8 bowling alleys
  • A high-cuisine restaurant and bar

We guaranteed client transparency and continuous risk monitoring throughout the project. Our technical solutions helped reduce construction cost and time, ensuring the recovery of €1.2m supplier costs.

Recognised as an award-winning development, The Oaks was granted four stars in the best architecture category and 5 stars in the best development category at the European and African Property Awards.

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Alexandru Constantin

Alexandru Constantin
Project Manager