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Our Investment & Estates Strategy services

Enhancing value through effective planning and management to drive organizational and financial efficiencies.

Every organization faces constant and often increasing pressure to achieve greater value.  This may be measured in financial efficiencies, improved customer service, greater productivity, risk reduction or a combination of these factors and more.  This measure is unique to every organization. 

Gleeds has the knowledge and expertise to work with clients to identify how estates strategies can secure this additional value, whether we are supporting the internal organization in reviewing opportunities, or providing an independent perspective on current practices.

Developing the right strategy

As every organization is different, each will require a bespoke approach to improving value. Our team works within a methodical delivery process to ensure rigour in the pursuit of opportunity, which is framed by the imperatives and parameters an individual client applies.  This means every efficiency strategy is unique, and whilst our team will bring previous experience to bear as appropriate, this will always be to inform debate rather than prescribe solutions.

The breadth of Gleeds capabilities is key: some strategies rely on “invest to save” options that demand expertise in capital investment in construction and refurbishment activities, whilst others focus on improving property and/or facilities management arrangements.  

Change management expertise

Developing a strategy is only the start.  The Gleeds team has supported many change management projects and programs, whether this is capital investment schemes, implementation of agile working arrangements or organizational redesign.  This expertise is employed in the strategy development stages to ensure deliverability.